Hacking the Body  is an ongoing series of performance investigation, by choreographer/technologist Kate Sicchio and media artist/curator Camille Baker, which highlights the issue of the collection of personal data by corporate and government entities, through the development of custom wearable and e-textile costumes and unique movement and choreographic investigations.


Sicchio and Baker as Hacking the Body, develop methods of making using wearable sensing devices to access physiological data to create unique interactive performances. This project develops bespoke embedded sensing and actuation systems within costumes, to create various public performances, which explore how dancers interpret physical interactions triggered by devices on their bodies as a means of nonverbal communication and movement creation.


As artists we question how this data demonstrates who we are as individuals, through movement, through our physiology? How does this unique individual data signature created through wearable technology relate to one’s performance expressivity and movement interaction? How can we explore these issues while enabling people access to their own data to interact with, and communicate with each, especially in performance contexts? This performance project builds upon a long standing collaborative iterations between the two lead artists, and the performance experiments they’ve developed in attempting to answer these questions.

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