Flutter/Stutter & Feel Me Creation Process 1

Our team has arrived in Sheffield and we are continuing our work towards our performances next week.

Pleat sensors @hacking_body

A photo posted by @hacking_body on Feb 7, 2016 at 6:17am PST

We continued working on the Flutter/Stutter garments with Tara Mooney and Becky Stewart. What is amazing about these costumes is that the capacitance sensors are completely unassuming in their appearance. They are conductive threads sewn into pleats and conductive fabric braiding into other fabrics on the the costume. This technology does not look like technology. Some other amazing details designed by Becky Steward include conductive fabric laser cut into the circuit. It’s beautiful and genius.

Laser cut conductive fabric for sensors

A photo posted by @hacking_body on Feb 6, 2016 at 8:35am PST

Our first day with these costumes was slow moving due to multiple parts coming together, some electronics not being delivered yet and a lot of fitting parts to the dancers. However, we have garments sewn and now we will add the interactions when all the parts arrive.

Our second piece, Feel Me is using a hacked version of the OmSignal shirt and an app created by Peter Todd to control electronics by Camille. Essentially one dancer’s breath is felt live on the other dancer through vibe board motors. While we started well with this technology, we also reached a bit of a hiccup on our first real rehearsal day with the app communicating with the shirts. However, the choreography was started and there is a movement phrase to start with.

The movement itself is quite a simple and short phrase. However, it is then retrograded and then performed to all sides of the room (the final pieces are to be performed in the round). This is then further complicated with the instruction of starting and stopping with the breath of the other dancer. So something quite short and sweet becomes a complex and thorough composition.