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the blinky collar and new LilyTiny Sparkler

So I never got the Flora fully set up on the collar but got a Lilypad LilyTIny Sparkler and changed the sensors to just LED’s since that’s really how the Sparkler works – to do fun things with LEDs. Sadly, my coin battery holder got stuck in the post somewhere and so I was not able to power it. I decided to see if I could make a soft circuit coin battery holder – which there are images below – and link up all the LED’s to the two sides of the pocket with conductive fabric on the inside and thread coming from both sides. But alas, it didn’t work – perhaps too much thread touching each other or fabric on the inside of the pocket, so no circuit formed. So stilling waiting on the battery holder to finish and test this piece.


the coin battery holder pocket


the coin battery holder pocket closer view


the back side of the collar with the battery pocket attached


newest version of the collar on the outside – sans Flora and light sensor with 3 LEDs and conductive thread connections – Camille