New tech & garments testing November 20-22, 2015

Hacking the Body has been funded a 2nd time through UCA, from August to November to make new garments for performance based on the April research residency. This time we have brought in two collaborators, who Kate will discuss further next post, Becky Stewart from AntiAlias and Codasign as our electronics interaction designer and Tara Baoth Mooney as our ethical fashion/costume designer.

This round of the testing is now to work with and understand how to iterate a new set of garments/ costumes for dancers 1) based on on touch and haptic interaction for 2-way dancer sensing-actuation interaction, here’s some of the tech constructed by Becky: 


Some movement images from yesterday with dancers:

IMG_0163            IMG_0155 IMG_0151 IMG_0188   IMG_0216

The other thing we are doing, 2) is working with the vibe boards (in wrist/ ankle bands I made)that we worked with before but in interaction with a handmade stretch sensor Kate made to work with X-Osc, and then 3) working with 2 OM Shirts this time between dancers and with vibe actuation, but now a new iPad interface to connect the OM Shirts (OM kindly gave us their SDK) to X-Osc and the X-Osc to the vibe bands, so dancers can connect to each other, again for 2-way physiological sensing and haptic actuation interaction.

More images from today to come as well as some design images from Tara and Becky from the planning stages running up to this.