HTB2.0 – Residency Day 4

Day 4, we decided to focus one making our wearables – Camille’s a neck piece that when the shoulder pressure pad is pressed it will cause the Flexinol in the neck ruffles to straighten …


This seemed to take all day to construct, as the conductive thread was not conductive enough to carry the current and the piece had to be reconstructed many times and the nice ribbon has yet to be added to where the green felt is now holding together.


Also attachment to the battery has been a bit of an issue and it’s not connected to the pressure pad – tomorrow.


More importantly – the Flexinol is not moving / straightening noticeably enough for it to be obvious in practice – so we’ll see what comes of it with the dancers. If more time it would be good to have a Nitinol spring/coil which is stronger and more noticeable or maybe even a thicker piece of the Flexinol.


It had to be turned upside down to fasten the piece and make it lose enough that the organza ruffles can more independently.   IMG_3180

Kate worked on her constructing her buzzer garment today. After spending a lot of time trying to get the sewing machine to work to no avail, hand sewing became the main opinion for putting the piece together.


Because the xOSC board is not sewable in the same way as something such as a Lilypad or Flora the design we developed was based around a velcro pocket which would house the micro controller and battery. The vibe motors (buzzers) are also not completely sewing friendly either so these were soldered to longer wires which were then threaded through jersey tubes and sewn to a shirt.


The use of the wires really dictated the design aspect of the garment and Kate decided to make it a bit whimsical in colour and creating a wavy line pattern. It is very costume like which works in our performance context.


 The buzzers are sewn onto the right and left upper arms. The idea is that a score referencing direction could be devised and explored in various ways through this garment. More on these explorations later this week.