HB2.0 – Residency Day 3

Today we both on ways that actuators can be incorporated into our work. We both worked on trying separate ideas today that we will continue to develop tomorrow and Wednesday before we begin our work with our two dancers.

Kate focused on using buzzers and the iOSC board. Using Processing she was able to create a way to live code the buzzers. In terms of performance, one idea is that the buzzing will become a score for the dancer to interpret and the choreographer will be able to program the score live. This is one idea we will explore Thursday/Friday.


Kate also worked on using her previously made crochet breath (stretch) sensor which is bluetooth enabled. The goal with this was that this could talk to the iOSC board via Processing and control the buzzers. So one dancer’s breath would be felt on the other dancer’s body. However, while Ardunio IDE was recognising the serial input from the crochet breath (stretch) sensor, Processing was not. This issue has yet to be resolved.


Camille worked on a few things today – first half of the day was frustrating trying to get the heat pad to work – which previously worked with the 9 volt battery, but once tried again today it wasn’t working and a 2nd one was tried but still didn’t work. New batteries were bought, case that was the problem but still no joy, so that was shelved.

What did work – after some research and experimentation – Flexinol or Muscle Wire (technical different but same idea) – which either contracts or in this case straightens out when current is applied. So the next stage is thinking of what can easily be done with it – some sort of a touch – response … Kate will post a video of it…



So for tomorrow the Flexinol will be combined with this nice organza fabric to make some sort of straightening/ contracting neck piece that loosens. Some useful resources found for this actuator https://spaghettionastick.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/nitinol-flexinol-muscle-wire-shape-memory-alloy/



What is also working and was an easy add-on to my already made stroke sensor – a buzzer that can be sewn on, that Kate brought from NYC contact who set up Invent-abling – so when someone touches or strokes it the buzzer will vibrate.




Here’s Camille making a plan for day 4 (above) and below is some bits that will be put together so the black press sensor in the bottom left can cause the motor, top right to pull up a dancer’s top – just a bit 🙂


Some of our project for sensing and actuation for working with dancers on Thursday – to complete tomorrow.