HB2.0 – Residency Day 2

Today we decided to put aside our pre-made corporate wearables after we couldn’t get them to work in our Pilates class this morning (short-lived batteries already expired by today so we couldn’t get anything from them today), and come back to them after charging them and having a response from both companies. We do have a Skype meeting with the OM Signal people to give them feedback and ask how we can get raw data online or reports of data that we can use for our dance experiments.

Instead, today we worked with the x-OSC wireless device to send sensor data between it and the computer – as recommended by friend Becky Stewart. So we spent much of the afternoon trying to get it to get meaningful signals from any input sensor. While it connects right away and uses its own web-based interface and as can be seen below, lighting up our LED right away, we couldn’t get it to show input values from any sensor for sometime.


Kate, a more confident coder, tried getting any  input signals via Isadora and Processing, while Camille researched other useful code and help files to help us progress  (sadly, the x-OSC website doesn’t have much help except a very basic manual, missing many basic set details).

Luckily, the online tutorials on OSC p5 on Codasign’s website and the OSC P5 libraries and tutorials at http://www.sojamo.de/libraries/oscP5 helped us get the basic set up registering sensor values in Processing eventually and then start to see input values from our handmade sensors below.


Then we spent some time trying to figure out how we might understand the values from the onboard accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, that could also be interesting to work with, with our dancers coming to work with us later in the week. However, we’ve had to send a message to board developer to see if he can help us with those sensors, since none of the videos he has on his site really address them in a simple way.


Tomorrow the goal is to design some additional handmade sensing and actuating sensors: buzz/vibrate, heat, and squeeze (using muscle wire/flexinol) to add into our garments for our dancers to explore with, so tomorrow is more a making day rather than set up and troubleshooting like the last two days.