HB2.0 – Residency Day 1 

Today was the first day of  Camille working with Kate in London. We are in residence at UCA Epson for the next few days, followed by two days at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios.

Our goal is to make performative garments with biosensing devices (both off the shelf and DIY) for choreographic exploration.


We are working with two themes that overlap in our explorative process – data collection ethics and identity. We are interested in ‘known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns’. This will become a basis for instructions when we work with our two dancers. It is also what we will explore with different levels of sharing data from biosensing devices in terms of:

-self/internal (what does this data tell us about ourselves?)

-shared with other performers (what does this data tell us about the other?)

-shared with other collaborators (what does this data tell us about the composition/situation)?

-shared with biosensor corporations (what data is being shared?)

-shared with other corporations (who else is getting our data?)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 12.55.50 see also http://omsignal.com/pages/privacy-policy

Today we started with two off the shelf biosensing products. The OMSignal shirt and the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor. Just to start with each product we had to give the companies various pieces of information about us including: body stats (weight, height), age and contact details.

IMG_5077Kate wearing the Polar H7 Heartrate monitor

IMG_5075Camille wearing the OMSignal Biosensing shirt – small(mens)

Both are designed to interface with phone apps. This means to use in performance we need to find ways around this. One idea is to use a web called Fluxstream which allows for various fitness trackers to be presented on the web. This is taking some time to install and we haven’t quite completed this. We have contacted both companies about getting developer APIs and are waiting on this approval. We are also exploring ways of collecting the data to use in ‘non real time’ within performance settings.

Another interesting thing about OM Signal shirt is it need to have some moisture (we had to buy some Aloe Vera for the contacts to register my heart rate) and this small mens was a bit small for Kate’s ribcage and worked a bit better with the Aloe Vera and fit a bit better on Camille. So far just standard info – though we’ve not done any physical work – tomorrow we will wear them to Pilates.