working with Flora and Lilypad components

I’ve been working on an old piece to make it a new piece – turning a lovely collar pattern to a collar that lights up based on the body temperature of the wearer’s neck with the Lilypad LED’s and temp sensor, as well as the Flora incorporated as part of the design of the collar. See images of the work-in-progress herein.


Working with the Flora, as Kate has mentioned, has been a bit of a challenge, as is the case with all new devices, but since it has different features from Lilypad (some great some not yet so great).The biggest learning for me has been about batteries and Lithium Polymer and how they are sold – basically with little or no charge, so one has to buy more kit (always) to charge them to make truly wearable projects. This is apparently because the Flora does not charge the batteries in order to save the rest of the board from shorting out. So it is a great thing in the long run but annoying in the short run. Also it has its own version of Arduino, so also another thing to consider and use.


I also wanted to make it easy to remove the Flora from the collar for use in other projects so I tried to solder some snaps onto the Flora with initial success, but then I realised how difficult it was (mostly holding the Flora and snaps while soldering – I need a device grip for soldering I guess). Mostly the issue was trying to flip the snap over once solder is applied and heated and then attach to the Flora in a split second, without dropping the snap or moving the Flora – not easy. So now its clear why buying Lilypads with pre-applied snaps is a good idea (though not sure there are Flora’s available with pre-applied snaps).


The other issue is that I keep having to stop and start this project as I have to buy new products to put it together (as well as all my other work that gets in the way).