More About Hacking the Body


Explore and investigate understandings of states of the body to and by hacking them to make new works.

This research explores using the concept of ‘hacking’ data to re-purpose and re-imagine biofeedback code from the body. It investigates understandings of states of the body and hacking their code to make new artworks such as site-specific performance, mobile installation, participatory experiences and visual artefacts. The project includes three ‘hacks’ which explore inward states of the body and how to reflect them outward through the use of new interactive digital technologies. By creating new applications and using new interfaces such as smartphones, kinect and mobile augmented reality, new technical approaches to these hacks will also be examined.

We are exploring new understandings of states of the body to and by hacking to make new works and engage the public new ways with their bodies. Through the use of biosensing and DIY devices and tapping into networks within the body, we are examining the body’s code to make playful, interactive works. We will discuss three mini-projects:

Hack 1 – Codes of the Body – translating inner experiences outward through the transmission of data to a mobile device or computer to show the data in various visualisations;

Hack 2- Shadows and shapes of body – using video tracking (such as Kinect) to interact with the outward states of the body and how they may reflect the interior states of our organism;

Hack 3- combination of Hack 1 and 2 – using AR applications, such as Layar or Argon to show and play with others in site specific locations expressed as pop up shadows and / or mobile phone projections.


Kate Sicchio is a multiplicity. She is a choreographer, media artist and performer. Her work includes dance performances, installations, web and video projects and has been shown in Philadelphia, New York, Canada, Germany and across the UK. She has recently completed a practice-as-research PhD focusing on dance and technology and she is a Senior Lecturer in Dance at University of Lincoln.

Camille Baker is an artist-performer/researcher/curator within various art forms: mobile media, interactive and performance installation, music composition and performance, video art, web animation, and experience design.  Baker has recently completed a PhD project called MINDtouch through the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, involving social collaborative ‘VJing’ within mobile performance media contexts. Her other research interests include: media art and electronic performance, live cinema, responsive environments, interactive installation, telematics, media curating and networked communities. She has presented her work at international conferences and exhibitions around the world.